Sunday, March 4, 2012

Being a Man United fan.

I was born in a family of Manchester United lovers who were big supporters of the club. Needless to say, there is only one club in my life, Manchester United. I started watching English football in 2003. The time where Arsenal won the league. Then Chelsea came. They become a dominant force in English football for 2 years in a row. I had to wait several years for my first league victory as a supporter. it was during 2006 - 2007 season. Yes, I'm not supporting Man Utd during their prime time but that doesn't matter. I supported this club because I was born to do so.

Being a United fan isn't easy. There are so many United fans all over the world. United has so many foreign supporters than any other clubs. Sadly but true, many of them are glory hunters. They do support United but know nothing about the club. United haters always claimed that United fans are cocky and arrogant. Well, did Liverpool fans always talk about their historical dominance of England and historical and successes in Europe? Maybe because we are better. That same goes to Barcelona supporters which are hated in Spain and Bayern Munchen which were pretty much hated in Germany during their prime era. You see ? We are not arrogant just better ;)

Clearly I understand why Liverpool fans and Manchester City fans might hate us. It's only normal that you hate your fierce rivals and local neighbours . I supposed I also can understand why Chelsea and Arsenal fans might hate us during the old days because they are in direct competition with us in major competitions. But that days had passed. Chelsea and Arsenal are no longer title contender. At least not this season. Apart from that though, why do the club provoke such extreme emotions in people ? As for me, there are only 2 clubs that I hated most. Man City and Liverpool. I dont care much about Leeds United because they are sinking right now. If they are back in PL I might hate them also.

Some other reason why people hated United so much is probably because our title success over the past 20 years. I guess that's normal. You always gonna hate (or at least had a slightest fury) someone who is better than you. That is called being human. We are not the best in the world (Barca , Madrid , AC Milan are better than us) , but we are surely the most successful English club over the past 20 years . If Liverpool still winning league titles ( which the wouldn't) , they probably gonna be the most hated club in the country. People always hated you because you're better.

For some reasons, I always enjoy the hatred. It's probably because we always prove them wrong. haha It's not easy being an enemy of many football fans but I am used to it. You keep saying what you want and that would not change a thing. If you're not Liverpool or City fan, then I'm cool with you.

After all that I really have to ask myself if it was all worth it ?


p/s : too many grammatical errors. Im sorry. Too lazy to recheck

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