Friday, March 18, 2011

I am.. thankful.

Mom had bought this.....

Haha remember "The Malay Dilemma" in 1970 ? The book that caused controversy among us Malays. haha. Now, our Ex-Prime Minister has back with his newest book entitled "A Doctor In The House". Yeah cant wait to finish reading it. This type of book is probably not your cup of tea but I strongly recommend it. haha.

Well Dr Mahathir.. The one who made a huge different to our country. You either love him or hate him. This old man have his unique way of thinking. Haha I love how he always being sarcastic in speech especially when dealing with westerners. I have a high hope in this book and I am very sure it will worth every penny.

When the Malays were poor, they were in a dilemma. When they are rich, they're in a bigger dilemma " - Tun Dr Mahathir.


p/s : This book is sold out at KL but at Kelantan... there's still many copies left.. I wonder why...

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