Monday, January 10, 2011

Random videos on youtube..

Hey friendss. Happy Monday to all of you. So, as some of you might know, I had deactivated my facebook account. However, I might reactivate it back this weekend. haha. Okay the point is.. Surfing internet is boring without Facebook. Yeah, I'm more active on twitter now . I also watched a lot of videos in Youtube. There are some of the videos that make me say "WTF ?" These are few of them. Enjoyy

Damnnnn. so negative. haha. No no no no no no..

Two words... Happy Feet..

This video is a little bit disturbing. haha. now flushh....

Ok...... he must have been really sad.

Haha there are lot more fun videos on Youtube. I'm going to signing off now.
Have a nice day and Good bye !

P/S : Maybe I'm amazed at the way you pull me out of time

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