Friday, December 24, 2010

up on the downside.

Heyy long time no see eh ? So its been a long time since my last post. haha. this blog is dying. I repeat. DYING..... haha. there's no fun thing to blog about now. Hmmm, so there's still a week to enjoy our holiday before the school opens. Hmmm. school.. haha to be honest, I'm not ready for school yet and im sure all of you guys feel the same. Still on holiday mood right ? The spm is coming next year. Lets hope everything is going to be ok. huuhh. currently no mood for blogging. sigh.

So, what to blog about ? this question always comes in my mind everytime I decided to write something in this boring blog.. haaa lets talk about holiday. yes ! holiday. Spending the holiday means you are free from all kinds of tensions,hazards of schooling life and so other problems on daily routines.

So all of you must enjoy your holiday right ? haha. So far, holiday has been so much fun for me. I prefer staying at home rather than traveling. yeah, Im a stay-at-home person. Although i did went to KL for a week. DAMN, a week at kl just like a year of doing nothing for me. haha. I just love staying at home and spending times with friends. Ok, me and my mate went out everyday. ask John. haha. he's my best mate. We went out together everyday and never get tired of it. He's a great friend indeed. We spent so many quality time together with other friends. hangout,futsal,picnicking,hookah and many more. Yess, life is great with friends.

So i have a great time during the holiday so far. No tution.. no extra class.. no books or whatsoever. just me with my friends. haha. SPM next year. great. Uhh Im quite nervous about the SPM. but there's still a year to study. haha. its not too late to study.. Im going to study.. next year ok.

ok im hungry...... bai

p/s : congratulations to all pmr students.

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