Tuesday, December 14, 2010


HAHA today im going to blog about what happened yesterday. Yeah we went for a picnic at Taman Tengku Anis. haha, 6 of us dont know how to spend our holiday so we decided to get a little bit creative by doing things that we never done before. Yeah, picnicking. Grrr.

makan makan

jokes jokes jokes

my true friend, John

wahai tikar pandan terbang, bawalah kami ke negara pasir berdengunggg. HAHA.

HAHA gotta love them. John,Aqim,Ipey,Jepa and Scera. They just like brothers to me. Mursyeed coudnt make it. We miss you syeed. haha. Well it was a fun moment. We spent few hours doing nothing but relaxing,eating and sharing jokes. Haha. Okay hope to that again soon.

Goodbye and have a nice day !

p/s : lagu blog sudah tukar... cuti nk abis dohhh. hmmm.............

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