Friday, November 5, 2010

SIC Arts & Culture Awards

Hey, have not updating this blog for a long period of time. Im sorry, I'm too busy with activities in life and have no time to focus on this boring blog. Im also very tired of the blog. Blog is now no fun as ever. But I will try my best to keep this blog alive! at least for this year. HAHAHA.

So, these are some pictures from the SIC Art & Culture Awards which was held on 2 November 2010. What a fun night. Btw, I played the bass in the orchestra,ghazal and traditional musics, the cymbal in drumline and caklempong in 1 Malaysia Music Esemble. haha. It feels sooo great and fantastic playing music in front of people who appreciate and respect the art of music. Thanks.

Good Job everyone ! Well done !

They do dance pretty good O__O

Ghazal and Traditional Music.

Its the 1 Malaysia Music Esemble.

The Drumline Crew

Yeahhhh ! hahaha

My juniors and my successors in saxophone. proud of them.

Till then, Goodbye and have a very nice day ! Take care ! Bai ~

p/s : There's always a reason for everything.

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