Friday, October 1, 2010


Okay its 7.04 pm and i just came back home from ghazal training at school. Feels like wanna do little update. hehe . So the pic above is for my school magazine, The Kijang. After an hour of editing process, i finally finished it. what do you think ? haha. i thinks it looks ok but not too good. Cant wait to see this pic in the magazine. haha.

Its raining now.Rain rain rain. ahh, i love raining day and the sound of thunderstorm. I love its smell and the sound it makes. I love watching raindrops falling down. There is something romantic in the rain that i cannot explain with words. haha. ok enough. This post are getting crappier now.

This is my favourite song about rain besides Singing In the Rain by Gene Kelly. Nothing beat this good ol' Beatles tune . Although Led Zeppelin and The Carpenters did have wrote songs about rain. Man, got to love the funky bass sound by Sir Paul Mc. I love how George Harrison play his guitar.His sweet technique really amaze me. Hes my favourite among those 4. btw his guitar playing technique called "Georgasm". hahaha. I found it very funny. This song also remind me of somebody. oh okay, maybe not.

I really need to go shower now. goodbye and take care.

P/S : my mom is a "beatlemania " . She started listening to The Beatles when she was little and knows every song by The Beatles. haha. love you mom.

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