Saturday, October 9, 2010

Happy Birthday

okay, I woke up early this morning. 7.00am. wow. actually i had to wake up early because i have to go to school for some practices. Went home at 7.00 p.m. So fcking exhausted. haha. Now, i can spend the whole night doing nothing but relax. haha. thats why i decided to update this boring blog So,the first thing i do this morning was checking my facebook. Yeahh, checking facebook is always the first thing i do in the morning, even before washing my face or brushing my teeth. hehe.

Okay today is a very special day. October 9, 1940 is the date John Lennon was born. So, today marks his 69th birthday! John Lennon is not only an amazing English musician, he was a peace activist, songwriter, and most importantly, he is an icon. Happy birthday Mr.Lennon. oh btw, he was murdered in 1980.

So theres a lot of post talking about John Lennon's birthday on facebook so i decided not to write much about his birthday. As some of you might not know, John Lennon shared his birthday with another John. Happy Birthday, John Entwistle ~!

John Entwistle is the bassist of The Who and the greatest bass player in rock history in my opinion. Yeahh, he's probably my biggest influence in bass playing. He can sing, he wrote great songs, he can create extremely insane bassline.Listen to My Generation, Pinball Wizard and other The Who tracks and you will know what i mean. This guy is legend. What more can you ask from a musician ? haha. Happy Birthday "The Ox". btw he died due to drug overdose. shame really..

hehe thats all for today. Goodbye and have a nice week. babai.

p/s : hey.. im sorry. I need to be brave and live bravely. there is really nothing to lose really. There is nothing wrong . take the chances.

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