Sunday, September 5, 2010

Random update.

Heyy friends. Its 27th ramadhan now. the Happy Eid Mubarak or Selamat Hari Raya is only 4 days from now. Yeah, its gonna be a fun moment no doubt about that. So excited ! Dont want to talk more about the Eid Mubarak because im gonna make a special post about it on Thursday.

So, its been a long time since i wrote about my life. Recently i had been reading a lot about Iluminati and Freemasonry.I also read a lot about American and Jewish conspiracy and how they control our brains without we even notice. These things are going crazy in my mind.I had finished watching "The Arrivals " (which took me 8 hours ). This documentary is about The foundation of the Antichrist or Massih ad-Dajjal or the Fake Messiah. Im gonna do some analysis about these things and InsyaAllah im gonna post it in this boring blog.No, im not try being a hero here but this thing is very very important.Im gonna pass this video to some friends. Seriously, all muslim should watch the documentary. you can watch it here.

The Arrivals

Okay enough. Lets talk about something else.... erkk... What else ? haha.

The world is changed
I feel it in the water
I feel it in the earth
I smell it in the air

Ok, let me tell you something about myself. haha. Im a dreamer. Yeah, Im a dreamer.I always dream about something that will never be mine.. I guess i have to stop dreaming about 'the thing' and live my life. As Good Old John Lennon said " You may say that I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one ". Yeah Mr.Lennon, you got it right. The thing is, im the only one who dream about 'that thing'. Okay enough about this thing. Me dont dream about that no more. Let it be. I've got the spirit but lose the feeling and no, im not trying to be cool. haha

Gonna end this post. I got a lot more to say but lets do it next time. Blogging is very fun actually. It make you feel more calm after expressing your mind. Thanks for all the followers. 33 now. you guys really rocks ! :) Thanks thanks thanks. So, anyone want mercun for Raya ? haha. contact me. I do sell the mercun. Bai and have a good day. Take care . Garnier.

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