Thursday, September 9, 2010

The last day of ramadhan

08 September 2010
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Hey readers, so as you all know today is the last day of Ramadhan.. Honestly i have a mixed feeling about this as Ramadhan comes to an end, so do the increased opportunities for prayer. Yeah, its gonna be great to Celebrate Eid with the family.We may or may not get another Ramadhan in our lives. This may be our last Ramadhan. Who knows ? I hope this Ramadhan will make us grow even stronger and braver to face any challenges that will come in our life. InsyaAllah.

So tonight is the 'Lailatul Jaaziah ' night. Not sure about the spelling. 'Lailatul Jaaziah' is the last night of Ramadhan and first day of Syawal. Tonight is a special time to ask Allah for everything you want. He loves hearing from us. The last night and day of fasting is a special day of Dua as well.The Prophet has said that Allah makes decisions about our forgiveness that day. So i hope Allah will listen to us and forgive us for what we had done in the past.

So, no more fasting starting from tomorrow.No more sahur. no more Tarawih prayer but dont forget Tasbih prayer tonight.We are gonna miss this Ramadan. hope to see it again next year. InsyaAllah. Do enjoy the last day of breaking the fast. :) till then. good bye,take care and have a very nice day. May Allah bless you all.

p/s: prabih bede male ni.hehe

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