Friday, September 3, 2010

Karma Police

Heyy bloggers.

Lets talk about Karma. the reason why i wanna talk about this karma thing is because i believe many of you people experience the same thing. Lets add some seriousness in this post to make it more fun.hehe. Karma is a hindu word. I believe every people know what karma is. Karma is anything that you do in your pass whether it is negative or positive things will come back to make you happy or haunt you. Correct me if im being wrong here but i think that is the best way to describe KARMA.

So the big "?" is.
Do you believe in karma ?

I do believe in karma. I had been through a lot of this kind of situation in my life.There were also other times in my life when I did something that hurt someone, whether it was intentional or not. And years later the same thing happened to me, this time I was on the receiving end. Let me give ya an example

let’s say there is a criminal who got away with 10 million dollars from bank accounts. No one could catch him. But you know who is going to catch up with him? That’s right, karma.Soon the criminal will end up cracking behind the jail bar.

Some might say karma is one of the greatest force in the universe. not agree about that but karma do exist in my opinions.Let us think in a positive way. living in this world with karma will make us fear to do unworthy things and help us to be a better person. As a muslim, I do believe Allah is fair. We will get the punishment from everything bad we done in our pass unless we seek forgiveness from Allah. In other word.. yeah, Karma. But that does not mean bad things never happen to good people or vice-versa.

There are also times when Karma doesn't make sense like when an innocent child is raped and killed. I ask myself, what did that child do to warrant such a tragedy? Is karma exist in this type of situation ? There are also many good people who suffer while bad people got lucky.

So do you believe in Karma ?

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