Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hari Raya.

2010 Family Photo :)

Selamat Hari Raya ! Maaf Zahir Batin ! It's day 6 of raya already and maybe it is too late to update about the raya.Huh,im gonna do it anyway. Too lazy to write much about it . Sorry for my bad English. Me feel so sleepy and tired.For some reason the word "raya" really make me alive today. haha


Yeah day 1 is probably the busiest day ever. Picture of me with my brothers and the cousins at my grandad's house. Hmm... what else to talk about ? Yeah, we had an awesome time together. As u can see, Im the only one who has a darker skin among them. Wierd. Its a gift maybe ? haha.


Day 2 is "Raya-with-friends day ". Went to some friends' house. The pic above is at Razween's house. Yeah we called it ' a mini WB Gathering '. WB stands for Wakaf Bharu.our hometown. haha. Yeah we had a great time. Also went to other friends' house in Wakaf Bharu. (Lehe,Safwan,Isey). Thanks all for inviting me.


Ok. The pic above is at Hasnor's house and our Music Room. The event which was organized by the Music Club was really rocks. It called 'Majlis Hari Raya Kelab Muzik' . We had an extremely good time there and met our seniors from year 2006 - 2009. The "free jamming" session was probably the most fun activity during the event. Hope to do it again next year. InsyaAllah.


OK we kickoff our day 4 by going to Apex's house at Binjai. It was a loong journey but a fun one. This time, Aqim joined us. haha. Thanks Apex for the warm welcome. We hang out there about 2 hours. Aqim had to go home early. Damnm bro.we continue our raya trip to Adib's house and then Aleh's house.

There were more activities in Day 5 but im too tired to write about. So, goodbye and have a nice holiday. Remember there's still 24 days left to enjoy your eid. Haha. Again, sorry for my bad english. I know im not good enough in English and im too lazy to recheck my post.


p/s : Aqim's house this thursday ! datang ramai2 ya. bwk tok nenek skali.

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