Thursday, September 30, 2010

Character study.

Hey, Happy Friday ! haha. good day isnt it ? holiday is always good. :) . So, im just checking my blog. Seriously, my blog is soo quiet these days. Haha im too busy with life and dont have much time to do the blogging thing and yeah, friday and saturday are perfect days to update this boring blog. Got nothing to talk about right now so im just gonna do what i called a " Character Study " and the protagonist is.. Myself. hehe.

Okay this thing are fun to fill out. haha. gonna do it.

Picture of me with kubyy ( Aqim's sister. haha)

Full Name: Wan Imaan Ikhwan bin Wan Iskandar Mirza
Nicknames: Imee, Chong, Wea, Sepet
Hometown: Wakaf Bharu, Kelantan
Have you ever gone skinny dipping? Ohh hell no. haha
Do you make fun of people? Yeah always. just for fun. not in serious way.
Have you ever been convicted of a crime? Nothing serious i think.
One pillow or two? Two! One should be enough.
Pets: Uhh no. my dad owned many beautiful birds though.
Favorite Type of Music: Too many to mantion. im universal listener. :)
Hobbies: Playing music, watching football, go online
Words or phrases you overuse: Ok.
Favorite food: Bread bread bread
Current boyfriend/girlfriend: Single.
Piercing or tattoos? Nah. man looks gay with piercing.
Do you get along with your parents: Yeahh.
Favorite town to be in: Wakaf Bharu still the best.
Favorite ice cream: Vanilla
Favorite soft drink: I drink a lot of isotonic drinks. 100 Plus,7Up Revive, Excel.
What's your bed time: Depends. Most of the time around 12.00 am on weekdays and 3.00 am on weekends.
Favorite song: Humm so hard to make a choice. Morrissey, Joy Division, Oasis and Stone Roses always top on my list.
Favorite website:
Least favorite subject in school: Additional Mathematics. huhh.
Favorite sport to watch: Football football football. haha.
Favorite holiday: Hari Raya.
What do you look for in the opposite sex? Personality,maturity and Conversational ability. :)
Favorite color: Black and white
Drinking habits: lots of coffee and milk. My body is filled up with caffeine. haha
Windows/Macintosh/Linux: Windows.
Favorite Quote : too many to mention.

Okay I really have to go now. sorry, no time to check on my grammar. friday prayer is calling. haha. goodbye. have a nice holiday.

p/s : for some reason, the number of my followers stopped at 39. It had been almost 2 weeks now. haha.

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