Saturday, September 18, 2010

Back to basic

Heyy friends. So today is the last day of holiday eh ? Gotta go to school tomorrow. School is fun isnt it ? haha. I bet most of students including me are still on holiday mood. Final exam next month. Got to study real hard.Addmath, Chemistry... huh, pressure... 

So,back on my life. huh, theres nothing to talk about actually.Right now, im really looking foward to "tambah bini". haha.People say it is normal for a man to have more than one wives these days. Dont get me wrong. Actually, Im planning to buy myself a new guitar.. Hmm, not sure about it yet but Im planning to buy a Classical guitar :) . Im really looking foward to study Classical and folks music. Humm, let me tell you some more about the classical guitar.

The only major part that make classical guitar different to normal acoustic guitar is classical guitar use the nylon strings compare to the normal acoustic which use steel strings. The usage of nylon strings provide fine and soft tone and suitable for classical and folks music. Steel strings is more versatile and widely use in many kinds of music such as rock,pop, country, and more. The classical guitar also famous for its technique The strings are usually plucked with the fingernails. Thats make classical guitar harder to play compare to the normal acoustic or steel stringed which involving strumming technique.

Errkk.. Last night, I had a weird dream of myself playing romantic song through this classical guitar . hahaha. Im thinking too much about the guitar obviously. and yeahh, classical guitar is extremely suitable for romantic/sad type of music. haha. Back on topic, Im not quite sure on which brand should i buy. Valencia and Santa Cruz actually make pretty good guitars for a reasonable price.Ashton is a good brand aswell and recommended by many music stores. Might buy Yamaha if i got extra cash. haha. Anyone want to throw me some monehh ??

Okay enough about the guitar. I know it is a boring and pointless post eh ? haha. So, im gonna go now . Got to sleep early tonight. School day tommorow. Wish you all Happy Schooling. haha. Goodbye and have a nice school week. 

One more thing, thanks for reading this stupid post. :)

P/s : I changed my blog's tune. No more raya song. haha. Do listen to it. The song entitled "Married With Children" by Oasis. Sometimes the best way to keep a good relationship between friends is keep your mouth silent arent that right ?

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