Thursday, September 16, 2010

16 September

Today, the country celebrates Malaysian Day. As we all know,16 September is the day Sarawak joined Sabah, Singapore and the Malay Peninsula to form Malaysia. So,it is fair enough to say 16 September should be remembered as the day Malaysia was born. Happy Birthday Malaysia !! I am very proud to be Malaysian. Thank you Malaysia. Happy 47th Birthday.

Happy 18th birthday to the most good looking man in my family. haha.

Wan Imaan Izhan a.k.a Jehe a.k.a Mabok.
Enjoy your 18th birthday.
Do have a good life bro
Thanks for everything. :)

Goodbye people and have a nice day.

P/S :Hari Raya at Aqim's house was really fantastic today. gonna upload the pics soon.

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