Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Wishing You All Happy Ramadan

With the approaching of the holy month of Ramadan, i want to wish everyone here, Muslims and non Muslims, season’s greeting, blessed time, and forgiveness. For those who don't know ( everybody know it right ?) , Ramadan is a holy month for Muslims, in which we go from dawn to dusk without eating. It's a period with deep meaning. It's a time to be the best person you can possibly be !

May This Ramadan be as bright as ever.
May this Ramadan bring joy, health and wealth to you.

May this Ramadan bring in u the most
brightest and choicest happiness and
love you have ever Wished for.

May this Ramadan bring you the
utmost in peace and prosperity.

May the light that we celebrate at Ramadan
show us the way and lead us together on the
path of peace and social harmony

So, i hope all of you have a great ramadan this year. Remember, this is the right time for us to get more closer to Allah. I hope your Ramadhan this year is better than the last one too.

God Bless you all.

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