Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Go let it outtt

1. 01 a.m ,18 August 2010.

Mood : Moody

A lot of things playing in my mind right now. I am also having some weird headaches. It mostly hurts in one specific spot right above my left forehead. Dont really mind about the pain but.. the pressureee.. oh fuk. Have got myself into depressed and always worrying about the thing. For most people out there they just be like "ok, whatever..." OR " yeah, deal with it.. " but it's really a big deal for me. I not saying im not happy with my life. I have the greatest friends anyone could ever want and my family are real cool . I just.. i needed something to wake me up. Haha, it is really hard when we dealing with this kind of emotion.It just a complicated situation with no easy answers.

Should i tell. Should i just " Go let it out ". Hmm no, im not strong enough for this . At least not now. There are many things i want to say. But i just dont know how. Meh, hate this feeling. Bro Isey , we shared same problem arent we ? haha. the funny part it I always tell you what to do but the truth is.. i dont even strong enough to do the things i told u to do. Good luck for next week. You can do it.

but i know that God will be with us, no matter what.
it's so hard to see God in this situation.. or maybe i haven't been looking very hard though.

HAHA, funny one. Gotta love my bros. Yeah, saya tetap meminati perempuan melayu :)

Eh, btw, Do listen to my new blog song . Im Outta Time by Oasis.The song tells it all. I like to express my emotion through song because it is much easier that way. I might changed the song according to my feeling. haha. Sorry, bad grammar for tonight.Me feel sleepy and the pain in the head is killing me.

Goodbye and have a rockNroll day. God bless u all.

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