Saturday, August 7, 2010

Emotionally Confused

So i didnt go to school today. Migraine attack strikes back and this time on first day of the week. WTF ? This is weird. So here am i. sitting alone in my bedroom and dont know what to do. Feeling quite bored so i decided to do little update on this boring blog. I rarely write about deep inside of myself but whatever im gonna write it anyway.

I dont know what i'm feeling lately. Hmm, I don't know how long I've been like this. It's sort of like an on-and-off thing but mostly on and I can just tune it out around people. Yeah, I am probably the most cheerful person when hanging around with my mates and I think they feel a little bit boring today because I didnt go to school. Haha maybe not. So back on topic, I think this feeling called 'emotionally confused.' Okay, lets name it that way. haha.

When I feel emotionally confused, all of this goes out the door. Mainly because I’m unsure of what I’m feeling. It seems like I cannot find a word to explain what cloudiness I going on in my head. Or someone can help me to explain this thing ? So lets cut it short. I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT I AM FEELING. I even dont know am i feeling something. weird huh ?

All i know is this feeling does not include happiness, joy, pleasure,calmness,hyper and humour.I do a lot of self talk and believe it will change. I motivate myself to not judge the feelings because there must be a reason why im feeling like this. Yes Im a positive person.Sometimes too positive. But that does not mean im not care enough about 'that thing'. The tough part is the 'HOW ?'. I am honestly not sure..

In the end, i know im not the only one who feel like this.We see things they'll never see.
So, God please dont slow us down.

Goodbye and have a very nice week.

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