Thursday, August 5, 2010

Being Lefty In A Right-Handed World

Mehh, got nothing good in my mind to share with you people so i decided to post about a part of myself..... not that part... the other part..

Yes, Im a left handed. Sometimes, it is difficult for me since most technology is geared to right handed people.This is simply because the world still remains a right-handed majority place and all most every things are made or done for their convenience. but im not complaining ehh. Being a lefty sometimes make me feel so embarassed especially with the way im holding my pen. Seriously, you will laugh if you see it. Yes i know. People always laugh at the way im holding my pen. -__- . hahaha. No need to care what people think.

Im not saying im upset to be a left handed but theres something that i cant do because of this lefty thing.

- i cant use scissors correcty . haha
- carrot peelers are useless for me.- ink always smears on my hand when im writing
- power tools (such as skill saws) that are dangerous or even life-threatening
- I have difficulties with locks and keys sometimes.
and moreee

Who would I be if I was right-handed? Not the same person i guess. Left-handedness is part of my identity, my self. Left-handedness is so integral a part of me that I could not imagine living otherwise.

Enough of this thing.
Till then . Good bye and have a nice day :)

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