Friday, July 30, 2010

Drumline :D

Congratulations to Sultan Ismail College Drum Corps (SICDC). 7th Place in Malaysia World Marching Band Competition (MWBC) is a very very good achievement for a newbie like us. We managed to beat UiTM Kesatria . Mehh, cant believe we beat them..Oh btw, we lost to Bahana Sparada(Indonesia) in Quater Final.Not too suprise with the result. They clearly better than us.Next station.. Kuala Lumpur World Marching Band Competition(KLMWBC) this September ?? hahaha. Idk. maybe. We still new so lets not hoping for something magic. Lets just do our best to keep this momentum going on. Viva la SICDC !.

One Band,One Sound,One Heart,One Spirit,

p/s: Sek2 gendang kt ganu tuh.Wat ssedak deh. rindu weh. haha. Sek kto blako. :)

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