Friday, July 2, 2010

50 things that piss me off

Meh,, no story to post so i decided to do this...

1. Slow internet. grrrr
2. Hip Hop and Rap.
3. People who dont know how to appriciate their friends.
4. My maigraine problem. :(
5. Guys that treating nice woman like shit.
6. Racist people. fcking hate them
7. People who leave their cell phones on during a movie.
8. I hate the fact that i am a boring person.
9. Emo kids.emo culture.emo style... get a life
10. When you pay for something that wasn’t worth the money
11. Justin Bieber. ahhh
12. Manchester City fans. F**k off arab scum
13. Loserfool Football Club.
14. Getting up early.
15. Being force to do something
16. Getting sick.
17. Politicians who make false stories and untrue statements .
18. Yeahh story makers.
19. RaFAIL benitez. damn, i hate him
20. traffics.
21. Homeworks. gahh
22. Guy who being flirty to almost every girl he met. haha
23. People who refuse to admit their mistake.
24. Too hot or too cold.
25. Waiting someone for toooo long.
26. When your friend changes.
27. Greedy people. sharing is caring okay. haha
28. Toothache
29. Unknown people asking for my number.
30. Making plans with people only to be let down last minute.
31. People who take jokes seriously. Chill
32. When entering public toilets
33. Not being able to sleep
34. No money.. $_$
35. When someone stare at me.
36. Dog barking. wooff wofff. hahaha
37. Smelly situation.
38. Britney Spears's voice. hahaha
39. Random people get mad at me for no reason.
40. Spelling error. haha
41. People who fart at public. grrrrrr
42. Bad sound system.
43. The heroic batman and superman voice.hahaha
44. Bad Music.
45. Being unable to use scissors correctly. grrrrr
46. People who let their kids run riot and yell in the supermarket. hahaha
47. Chain letters, chain email, and other chainy stuff. I should have die like 100 times. haha
48. Fat people wearing skinny jeans
49. Sound of the vuvuzela. eeeeeeeeeeeee
50. PeOpLe WhO TyPe LiKe ThIZz.LoLx.

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