Saturday, July 31, 2010

30 July

So, 30 July is probably one of the most important date in my life..


Yeahh. Happy 21th Anniversary to mama and papa.
Thanks for giving me strengh in my rockNroll life.
Thanks ma for always be with me no matter what happend. You're my sunshine
Thanks Pa for showing me how to become a real man like you. You're my rain
Sorry pa, im dont want to be a doctor. Dont want to upset you but thats the truth.
i cant be a doctor if my heart was not in it

Wishing you faith,companionship,love,romance,trust,passion and believe :)


Happy 20th Birthday to my bad-ass bro.hahaha
Study hard and enjoy your life.
Good luck in losing weight eh. haha
You always gonna be my big bad bro. :)
Thanks Chong.

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