Saturday, July 3, 2010

3 July

Happy Birthday Wan Imaan Ikhwan. you're 16 years old now.

Time goes faster than I think. Today turns 16 years old now. At the age of 16, I have yet to accomplish anything big. haha. I didn’t really celebrate the birthday. Just went out with some good friends of mine and my family.

My first wish of this year birthday is from Iylia Mardhiana and Syafiq Aqim. hahaha. Mursyeed was the 3rd person who wish me and my bro,Jehe was the 4th person. I want to thanks all of my friends who had wished me.Highly appreciate all your wishes. :D. All total of 118 people wishing me at Facebook. Million thanks to each and everyone of them. May God Bless You

Life is not easy, but I am still searching the way to live my life with more grace and love.

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