Saturday, July 31, 2010

30 July

So, 30 July is probably one of the most important date in my life..


Yeahh. Happy 21th Anniversary to mama and papa.
Thanks for giving me strengh in my rockNroll life.
Thanks ma for always be with me no matter what happend. You're my sunshine
Thanks Pa for showing me how to become a real man like you. You're my rain
Sorry pa, im dont want to be a doctor. Dont want to upset you but thats the truth.
i cant be a doctor if my heart was not in it

Wishing you faith,companionship,love,romance,trust,passion and believe :)


Happy 20th Birthday to my bad-ass bro.hahaha
Study hard and enjoy your life.
Good luck in losing weight eh. haha
You always gonna be my big bad bro. :)
Thanks Chong.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Drumline :D

Congratulations to Sultan Ismail College Drum Corps (SICDC). 7th Place in Malaysia World Marching Band Competition (MWBC) is a very very good achievement for a newbie like us. We managed to beat UiTM Kesatria . Mehh, cant believe we beat them..Oh btw, we lost to Bahana Sparada(Indonesia) in Quater Final.Not too suprise with the result. They clearly better than us.Next station.. Kuala Lumpur World Marching Band Competition(KLMWBC) this September ?? hahaha. Idk. maybe. We still new so lets not hoping for something magic. Lets just do our best to keep this momentum going on. Viva la SICDC !.

One Band,One Sound,One Heart,One Spirit,

p/s: Sek2 gendang kt ganu tuh.Wat ssedak deh. rindu weh. haha. Sek kto blako. :)

Thursday, July 22, 2010

New Blogger

a mí mismo como iseyweller

So,theres a young lad who decide to take the plunge and start blogging.haha
Honestly, i dont quite understand what he trying to do with the blog.
This is so weird. hahaha. Anyway, Good luck with the blog bro.
Do update when you have time

btw,his name is Isey,he's my junior. Do follow his blog eh ?

Here's the link

Bye and have a nice day.

P/S : sey, aku promote doh tu. ejah blanjo ah wei.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

My wishlist .hehe .:)

1.New Manchester United 2010 - 2011 Jersey. hehe
2.The Ensyclopedia of The Beatles.
3.Fred Perry Drury Twill.
4.Vox Tonelab St Guitar Processor
5.Fender Stratocaster Road Worn 50' Guitar.
6.Manchester United Illustrated Ensyclopedia.
7.Joy Division Album Collection.
8.WonderWood by Comme des Garcons.
9.Epiphone Hummingbird Acoustic Guitar.
10.Vampire Weekend : Contra.
11.Reservation Blues novel by Sherman Alexie.
12.A trampoline. hahaha!!
13.Antidote by Viktor & Rolf.
14.Ben Sherman R562 watch.

hahaha. $_$ .. im broke.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


A good friend of mine and my big bro, Nik Nazreen told me to listen to this song when feeling unhappy. Well,im not saying im get too interested with the song, but there something about the song that make me wanna listen to it.

"Takkan ku menyerah kalah walau mimpiku musnah, Harapanku hancur sayapku patah "

Well its easier said than done..
Thanks Yen for the song. Always be strong eh bro ?

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Oh Yeah Drumline

Hii mate. Long time no see. Mehh.Just look at the tired face of mine. hahaha. i supposed to write about my life but for the past few weeks, drumline had become part of my life so i guess i should post something about it eh ? Well I am extra busy recently. It is the first time I can clearly see what I will be doing in every hour for more than one week.Sometimes i do think i had push myself too far. Yeahhh. Drumline practice really filled up my day. We will entering the World Marching Band Competition at 29 July. Do pray for our success yeah ? :) All i got to say this Drumline training is quite intense but fun. Gotta love the sexy butt dance . hahaha.

SIC Drumline Crew

Cheer up dude. we gonna do just fine :). InsyaAllah.Goodluck guys. Lets Rock !

Saturday, July 3, 2010


Welcome Sunday ! The start of new week always a bad feeling. I always get this weird feeling when starting a new week. This sort of feeling which we call laziness.

Its sunday morning right know and i just finished talking on the phone with a good friend of mine...WTF am i talking about..blablablabla.

Just enjoy the song okay. :)

GTG. Bye and have a nice week

3 July

Happy Birthday Wan Imaan Ikhwan. you're 16 years old now.

Time goes faster than I think. Today turns 16 years old now. At the age of 16, I have yet to accomplish anything big. haha. I didn’t really celebrate the birthday. Just went out with some good friends of mine and my family.

My first wish of this year birthday is from Iylia Mardhiana and Syafiq Aqim. hahaha. Mursyeed was the 3rd person who wish me and my bro,Jehe was the 4th person. I want to thanks all of my friends who had wished me.Highly appreciate all your wishes. :D. All total of 118 people wishing me at Facebook. Million thanks to each and everyone of them. May God Bless You

Life is not easy, but I am still searching the way to live my life with more grace and love.

Friday, July 2, 2010

50 things that i like

Gotta love Borat. hehe

1. Myself.
2. Family.
3. Friends. You guys rockk my life !!
4. Islam
5. Facebook.
6. Any kinds of coffee. Cappuccino,Mocha,Espresso. haha
7. Manchester United.
8. Music. britpop,psychedelic,post-punk,new wave,shoegaze and more .
9. Rainy day
10. Money $_$
11. Perfumes and fragrances
12. Hangout with friends
13. Sleepppp. hehe
14. Travelling
15. Cooking. haha
16. Make new friends
17. Guitar
18. Good clothes.
19. Football.
20. Sharing jokes with friends
21. Noel Gallagher. Seriously, Noel is Oasis
22. So You Think You Can Dance ? hahaha
23. My bed. gosh fcking love it
24. Helpful and kind people.
25. Singing.hahaha. im a bad singer.
26. Making people smile and happy.
27. Good food. :D
28. Vintage stuff
29. Beach
30. My eyes.haha
31. Being lefty
32. Animals
33. The Godfather :)
34. My name.Wan Imaan Ikhwan
35. Eid ul-Fitr
37. Milk
38. Paul Weller
39. People who friendly and outgoing
40. Open minded people.
41. Improving Myself
42. My hair
43. Ernie Ball 's guitar accessories
44. MTV
45. The Simpsons,Family Guy and South Park.
46. Being a teenager
47. Kids
48. My school. SIC !
49. Joy Division
50. Be Originaal :)

50 things that piss me off

Meh,, no story to post so i decided to do this...

1. Slow internet. grrrr
2. Hip Hop and Rap.
3. People who dont know how to appriciate their friends.
4. My maigraine problem. :(
5. Guys that treating nice woman like shit.
6. Racist people. fcking hate them
7. People who leave their cell phones on during a movie.
8. I hate the fact that i am a boring person.
9. Emo kids.emo culture.emo style... get a life
10. When you pay for something that wasn’t worth the money
11. Justin Bieber. ahhh
12. Manchester City fans. F**k off arab scum
13. Loserfool Football Club.
14. Getting up early.
15. Being force to do something
16. Getting sick.
17. Politicians who make false stories and untrue statements .
18. Yeahh story makers.
19. RaFAIL benitez. damn, i hate him
20. traffics.
21. Homeworks. gahh
22. Guy who being flirty to almost every girl he met. haha
23. People who refuse to admit their mistake.
24. Too hot or too cold.
25. Waiting someone for toooo long.
26. When your friend changes.
27. Greedy people. sharing is caring okay. haha
28. Toothache
29. Unknown people asking for my number.
30. Making plans with people only to be let down last minute.
31. People who take jokes seriously. Chill
32. When entering public toilets
33. Not being able to sleep
34. No money.. $_$
35. When someone stare at me.
36. Dog barking. wooff wofff. hahaha
37. Smelly situation.
38. Britney Spears's voice. hahaha
39. Random people get mad at me for no reason.
40. Spelling error. haha
41. People who fart at public. grrrrrr
42. Bad sound system.
43. The heroic batman and superman voice.hahaha
44. Bad Music.
45. Being unable to use scissors correctly. grrrrr
46. People who let their kids run riot and yell in the supermarket. hahaha
47. Chain letters, chain email, and other chainy stuff. I should have die like 100 times. haha
48. Fat people wearing skinny jeans
49. Sound of the vuvuzela. eeeeeeeeeeeee
50. PeOpLe WhO TyPe LiKe ThIZz.LoLx.