Saturday, June 26, 2010

Thumbs Up : 3 Idiots

Hey, just finished watching 3 Idiots this morning and all i got to say this is probably the best film i have ever watch this year :D Thank you very much to Iylia Mardhiana for convince me to watch this Indian movie. :) This is a very great movie to watch and no doubt i will have no hesitation to watch it again.What i love about this story is the element of funny, sad, romance,mystery and more being put on together to create a BIG WOW !.. hehe.

Again credit to the web for this synopsis. me to lazy to write it yeh.


Story of 3 friends whose thoughts are different from one another but get to stay in a same hostel room. They are quiet different from each other but Aamir "Rancho" was a special person & creates a heroic impression on the very first day in the college by teaching lesson to seniors who are already ragging new comers. The movie however is not about usualy college, ragging & hero trying to save others, it's not that funda. It's a movie about today's education system in engineering colleges. Rancho is a studnet though loves the subject, does not like the way engineering is taught. He tries to make others including professors understand that there should be change in the way students are taught & he does demonstrates the methods many a times but fails due to strict conditions of the Dean.Although the movie sounds like it's about 3 studetns who are really idiots, the 3 idiots of this movie actually turns out to be smart in the end.It has whole lot of fun, little romance (which is why kareen's role is not highlighted), no fights, emotions & lot of learning. It definitely motivates today's youth for sure.

The movie can be downloaded here

3 Idiots

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Thanks again to Eyaa.hahaha. ado cito sedak gak jgn malu2 share.hehe

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