Friday, June 4, 2010

Survey from Eyaa

Where's ur cell phone?

on my desk.beside me.

Where's ur significant other?

Your hair colour?

Pure blackk.

Your mother?

She's my bestfriend and i love her :)

Your father?

dont spend too much time with him but he know that i love him and i know he loves me too :')

Your favorite things:

My instruments,my phone,rubik cube, and my bedd :D

Your dream last night?
about random thing..cant remember :|

The room you're in?

my favourite bedroom :)

Your hobby?
music,have fun with my friends,facebook,and SLEEEPPP .I could sleep whole day without eating :D

where u wanna be in six years?

i dont knoww. Berklee International Collage maybe ? hahahahahaha

Where were you last night?

Sitting in front of the laptop and make a video call with my friend. hehe

What you're not?

an animal ?hahah.

One of your wish list items:

Fender telecaster guitar and a PC microphone hahaha

Where you grew up?

Wakaf Bharu,Kelantan,Malaysia.

Last thing you did?

Biting my nail.grrrr

What are you wearing?

dark blue shirt and a short pants.

Your pet:

noo. I used to have a pet. R.I.P

Your computer?

my best bud. cannot imagine my life without this computer.haha

Your mood:

good but confused.

Your car?

not have one.. one day..

Something you're not wearing?

A necklace.

Favorite store?

Popular Bookstore.

Your summer?

drumline practice.8am - 1pm. everyday. ggooossshhhhh :(

Love someone?

Of family,my friend and myself :)

Your favorite colour?

black and white :)

Last time you laughed?

this evening.sharing jokes with my cousin.

Last time you cried?

this evening.migraine attack.. AAAAAHHHHHH

Are you a bitch?

wtf ?

Favorite pastime:


Hater or lover:

lover of coursee..hahaha

Genuine or fake:

Genuine kott.

Any vices?

of course.i wouldnt share i though.haha

Mccain or Obama:

Both of them are hopeless. Save Palestine !

Pro-plastic or natural:

naturaalll :)

Dream job?
Sound engineer,music director or businessman

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