Wednesday, June 9, 2010

not feeling too well.

Hii bloggers.

Thanks for reading my booooring blog.hahaha.Seriously,blogging is quite fun when u know what to talk about but now... i just dont know what to talk about.i guess i have to try eh ? haha

Not feeling very well lately.I have a sore throat and fever. :( Drumline training is really intense but fun. I can feel the migraine attack is coming.please dont.not tomorrow please ? GOSH ! its 2.30 a.m now and i cant sleep.Drumline training tomorrow..R.I.P.

So,Here i am,sitting in front of my PC.its 2.54a.m but i dont feel sleepy yet.I used to sleep 10 to 12 hours a day. but now ? life changing maybe ? haha. What am i supposed to do if the migraine attack is coming next morning ? Should i attend the Drumline training with a massive pain in my head lol ? hmmmm fly away migraine. fly awayy.. haha. i guess i have to live with it.I dont think this problem can be solved. There is nothing wrong having a migraine pain apart from feeling like somebody stabbing your head and punching your eyeball. AAArrgghh.. hahaha.

These are my bestfriend :) .do help me this time like u always does.hahaaha.

So i guess i have to go to sleep is too late already. Thanks again for reading my booring and pointless blog.Goodbye and have a good day ! :)

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