Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Myself :)

Your name ?
-Wan Imaan Ikhwan bin Wan Iskandar Mirza :)

What city/town you live ?
-Wakaf Bharu,Kelantan. WB WB !!

Age ?

Employement/Current occupation ?
-Student at Sultan Ismail Collage (SIC)

What did you want to be when growing up ?
-Let me think.....emmm.........

Lets go to random question about me. :)

The first thing you do when you come back from school or work
-Turn on my pc.

Style of music that you prefer ?
-i am universal listener

The most beautiful song which existed for you?
-If i could pick 1,i will choose Lola by The Kinks. :)

The singer, or band that you prefer?
-Too manyy ! If i could pick 1.Joy Division..

The reality TV show that you prefer?
-So you think you can dance ?hahaha

the advertising that you prefer ?
-rarely watch tv but Petronas CNY advertisment was brilliant !

Are you single ?

The magazine which you never miss?

The novel of which you would have liked to be the author?
-Harry Porter kot. comfirm kayo.hehe

The dish which you prefer?
-Masakan kampung

Drink preferred?
-Fresh Milk,Water,any milkshakes

colour preferred ?
-Black and White.

fetish number ?
-WTF ?

The quotation which you prefer?
-"what the f**K " hahahaha

Your beautiful quality ?
-My eyes !! my eyes !! hahaha

Your worst nightmare ?
-Going to school naked !haha

The worst shame of your life?
-too shame to talk about

The most beautiful thing which one made for you by love?
-huh ?

The thing of which you are proudest?
-My friends :')

A fairy lends his magic wand to you for a wish: what you make?
-Bring happiness to all human in the world :)

The first thing you do in the morning ?
-look after my phone.

What do you have on the wall of your bedroom???

The best teacher do you have?
-Puan Ivi Marlinda Daud

10 things about yourself

1.My friends called me "Ime" and my family called me "ikhwan".haha
2.Sometimes being called "sepet" bcause my eyes look like this --__-- .
3.For some reason, I like to touch my hair. Papa said"dont touch your hair or u will get bald " huhh wtf ? :O
4.I spend way to much time on the internet.
5.I have a very serious migraine problem and i dont think this problem can be solved :(
6.Had a tiny scar close to my left eye.
7.I hate attending wedding ceremony.booooring .grrr
My favourite cartoons are the simpsons,south park and family guy.
9.I can't stand rap,hiphop.grr
10.hardcore manchester united fan !


(2nd post doh awok.hahaha)

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