Friday, June 25, 2010


Not feeling really well today. Obviously, my days have been really packed to the gills. There’s not much time at all for rest and relaxation in that schedule. School activities,homeworks really bugs me sometimes. I spend my day doing nothing other than sleep today.hehehe. i dont even go online too much today.less than hour i guess. This is quite an achievement. So, i slept again at 9.00 p.m .hahaha. Woke up at 11.30 p.m . This time i decided to turn on my pc. Missing someone maybe ? hehe. Seriously, it is possible to live without facebook ? people today are finding out that Facebook accounts are becoming an important part of their daily lives and that is not a bad thing to worry. My mom told me not to spend too much time in front of the pc. Sorry mom but i just cant. :)

Someone say staying in front of pc for too long will stop our growth. Something got to do with radioactive thingy.. Believe it or not ? hehe.

Got to say this video really put a big smile on my face.hahahaha.Gotta love this baby.but how on earth this video got 125,966,116 views !! This is super insane :O

Another vid of baby laughing.

Guess what, the best part of this vid is at 0.27-0.28. Muahaha XD
This kid gonna grow up to be a fine man.hmmmmmm

Gonna watch 3 Idiots tonight !

Anyway, have a very nice weekend. Bai.

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