Thursday, June 10, 2010


Had a migraine attack this evening. fukkk.
Migraine + Sore Throat + cough + fever = perfect .lol

So the Drumline Workshop is finally over.yeahh !. All I need is a rest right now.zzzzzzz.hehe
The Drumline Workshop was a great experience and quite fun actually.

Well done.keep it up,son.hehe

Cymbal section,Jepa,Me,Aqim and Zudek.


My bestfriends :). Jepa,John,Ipey,Aqim

Gimme Fivee !!

Well after a very tiring day we decided to lay off and hangout at unknown location lol.
Thanks ipey for taking this awesome pic. :).

hehe.till next time .Baiii

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