Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Haircut haircut

Latest picture of mine. Positive look ? haha. ugly eh ? yeah i know.HAHAHA :P

I decided to update this booooring blog because i can't find anything fun to do right now. It is a booringg day.Some people say "Even a boring day is a blessing". What i learned from this was, even the most boring, uneventful day is a blessing. WTF ? blablabla Idk what im talking about. this post is pointless.grrrr. blogging ? ahhhh. lets start shall we ?

So I definately need a haircut, the ends are all split and i have random lengths going on.I decided to get a shorter hair and I want to get a good haircut done. Can u choose the right one for me ? hahaha

Ian Curtis's (Joy Division) sweet & short cut

Liam Gallagher's(Oasis) buzz cut

Joe Strummer's(The Clash) smart cut

Paul Weller's(The Jam) mods cut.

Tom Meighan's (Kasabian) macho cut.

Mehh,forget all the haircut above.Maybe i should try the ultimate haircut. * Drum rolls *
Robert Smith (The Cure) famous haircut !!!! hahahahaha XD

Okay,things are getting crappier noww.I should stop.A friend of mine says.
"bolok ah blog mu. "
hahaha. cannot blame him though. My blog is booring and i know that.

Till next timee. Baiii. God Bless you all.have a very nice dayyy !!

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