Saturday, June 19, 2010


Am i being a pushover ? My whole life I always wanted to make everyone happy but lately its been hard.I avoid conflict at all cost because I like to preserve the harmony.But sometimes you just cant avoid the conflict arent ya ? Even the conflicts are too big or too small..

So, I love to make people happy. It makes me happy enough. I like helping people, I just like seeing people smile.But that doesnt make me a pushover,Am i right ? When something bothers me enough, I will stand up for myself. When I disagree with something people say, I might point it out.Trust me I will.

So to all my friends,please keep smiling.Seeing you people smile are enough to make me a happy man.If at times you feel you want to cry,just is such a trial.Life is full of challenges.Every challenges we face will make us a strong person. Above the clouds theres a bright blue sky.So,make your tears a smile. :)

Whats up with that post ? being too emotional.This is soo not me.hahahaha. Grrrr.. Please slap me :P


For some reasons i just love this song.The lyrics.... :P

Looks like my blog becoming moree active now.hehehe.Thanks awok for motivated me to write more about myself rather than posting about football and music.hahahaha. Gahhh i need more followers.Will u follow my blog please ? Why would anyone follow my blog eh ? hehehehe. :D

Do wait for my next update !! hahahaha.
Bye and have a nice day.

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