Friday, May 28, 2010

Random Friends Survey

Pick 5 friends

1.Muhammad Hafiz
2.Irfan Fauzi
3.Syafiq Aqim
4.Iylia Mardhiana
5.Mursyeed Izzat

How did #1 come to mind first?

-Rakan Sekampung.1WB.hehe :)

Have you ever hungout with #3?

Do you like #5?
-Semestinya.Mursyeed memang baik.haha

Do #5 and #2 know eachother?
-Of coursee..

Ever have any "sexual" moments with #2?
-Grrrrr nope.

Who is the dumbest?
-Nobody. :)

The most talented ?
-Semua ado talent msing2.hehe

How did you meet #3
-Form 1..SIC.

Does #5 like you?
-idk .Ask him lah..

Who is the craziest?

Do #1 and #2 know eachother?

Which friend do you like the most?
-All of them

Is #4 Hot?
-Hot kot..hahaha

What's your favorite memory with #2
-Too much to write about.haha

Ever gone anywhere with #4
-hahaha. Nopee .

Have you ever been in a fight with any?
-No and neverr.

Has #1 ever seen you nude?

How did #5 come to mind last?
-Random jahhh..

While you've been doing this survey has anyone else come to mind?
-Too many.

Ever kissed or been kissed by #2?
-HAHAA.not even once.

Do you think #5 would read this survey?

Is #1 also #1 on your myspace top friends?

Who would you like to see right now out of all 5?
-John kot.nok sruh ajar fizik.grrrrr

Has #3 ever said anything about you behind your back?
-Mesti .haha

Do you "like" #2? i like

Does #5 own a car?
-yess.. Mursyeed memang kayee

Do you think any of them are gonna repost or take this survey?
-Hmmm . dok kot

Which calls you the most?
-Ipey & John

Do any annoy you a lot?
-Nope.. :)

Ever dated any of them?
-Date ? no.haha

which of them last said I Love You?
-Ipey.sebagai saim.Im still straight.hehe

which last hugged you? +
-hmmm x ingat.

which last IM'ed you?

which of them last hungout with you?

Do you worry these people are gonna read what you said about them?
-Noo happy :P

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