Thursday, April 8, 2010

Congratulations Red Army


Yup I know.we not qualified for the semi.I dont say im too happy about the result though.but still,that not a very bad result for us.We have been in the semi for 4 times in a row since 2006.That was a fantastic achievement.So,true fans cant expect the team to reach semi in every year.Especially when we losing 2 key player(Ronaldo and Tevez) this season.Remember the pundits expect us to finish the league at 4th place before the season started??Remember when the expert think we are not serius contender for the title??

So,Congratulations Red Army.U make me proud.

There were many positive things despite we were out of the competition.

1)The team are more focusing on the league now.As u all know,we still the league contender.So,The team only focus is the league title.We have 5 games to,Cmon United!!

2)If we still in the UCL.we have to play every single Wednesday!!So the players must be tired and not 100% fit and the injury risk are high.We dont want our players to injure themselves especially when World Cup is around the corner.

3)The players have found their momentum.Look at Nani,Gibson,Valencia and Fletcher performance last night.the performance is getting better and better after losing to Chelsea and Bayern.Rafael was unlucky although he did play good.Plus the Big John(John Oshea) is that is a good thing.

4)We cant beat the mighty Barcelona.Barca is the most powerful team on planet now.If we make it to the final and facing barca just like last season.I dont think we can beat them.Especially when playing in Spain(Santiago Bernabeu).So,better out of the competition earlier than making to the final and

5)The Winning Mentality..We were out of the competition and only league title is left.The team desire to win the title are verrry high now.We still have chance to win the title.The players are ready.the manager is ready.the fans are ready..we got Blackburn this week.And Manshiityy is next.Go Go United.

then raise united banner high,beneath its shade we will live and die

so keep faith and never fear we will keep the reds flag flyin here

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