Monday, March 1, 2010

Stand Up For The Champion



Man Utd had retained the carling cup throphy for 2 concecutive season after 2-1 win against Aston Villa at the Wembley.Although Carling Cup is not our priority this season,but it feels great to win it and retaining the cup.

Most of players having a great game.wonderful performance from Park,Fletch and Valencia.Solid performance from Berbatov,Evra and the players.Rooney..what can i say about his performance.this man had been fantastic for all season.Good to have Vidic at the back.Although he did make a mistake which led to Aston Villa's goal.Owen goal was fantastic.calm and clever finish by Owen.2 goals in 2 games now for Michael Owen and hope to see more of the same..Rooney continue his magical form after scoring from a header.yup a header..againn..clever cross from Valencia.Valencia and Rooney partnership had become stronger from day to day.

This win is for all the fans,Thank you to who showed up at Wembley yesterday wearing the green and gold scarf,Really appriciate their hard work.Green And Gold Till The Club Is Sold!!Love United Hate Glazers.

Wow.What a weekend.Cheslea got trashed by Man City and Man Utd win the carling cup.

till then.bye


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