Thursday, February 18, 2010


Hey bloggers.sorry for not updating my blog.I been f**king busy with life..not have much time to blogging :(.So i decided to write here bcause guess whatt??Yup,,Man Utd 3-2 Milan.
we have great..I mean really great chance to go through to quater final so lets keep the momentum.Weird goal by Scholesy really..Wazza continue his fantastic form after scored twice in this match.25 goals in season now.Hess innn fireeee.What do yo expect?Hes a red isnt he?lol.However,im really dissapointed after man utd DID conceded cheap goal.that shouldnt be happen really.However,Lets think positively and keep the faith.lets keep the red flag flying high.I hope the squad not over confident with this win.remember will still have to welcome Milan to Old trafford at 2nd leg.Lets give the standing ovation to the true red..Man utd legend..DAVID BECKHAM.

i really respect this man.he didnt want to leave the club.he love the club.he respect the club.and the most important thing.he is still a fan of this club.Hes a legend.

not like a ungrateful ugly scum who join the rival for huge bag of money and slate his former manager and club... u know who im saying.


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