Thursday, January 14, 2010

Thumbs up :The Football Factory

hey there mate.just finnished watching Football Factory.Great Film in my opinion.the film is about the problem of hooliganism in football.Hooliganism means violance or disoder in football.England supporter are famous with this hooligansm problem.anyway back to the story,i really like this film.This story is about two different groups of English football supporters who support Chelsea FC and Millwall FC.Credit to wikipedia ( for the plot.


"The Football Factory" focuses on two different groups of English football supporters -- the Headhunters, who support Chelsea F.C., and the Bushwackers, who support Millwall F.C. Throughout the movie, the Headhunters fight with other English groups such as those supporting Tottenham Hotspur F.C., Liverpool F.C., and Stoke City F.C..The film follows Tommy Johnson (Dyer), a football hooligan in his mid 20s who has begun to question his morals and the morals of those around him. Tommy's major conflict in the film stems from his inevitable aging. Although he loves his weekend 'meets', he knows he cannot possibly play forever.While enjoying a night out with his pal Rod, they meet a couple of young women in a bar and both end up back at one of the girls' houses. In the morning, Tommy awakes to a man sitting over him with a knife against his throat. Rod arrives at the scene, hits the man over the head with a cricket bat, and they both are able to run home alive. It then emerges that the cuckolded householder is in fact Millwall Fred's (Hassan) brother.
The remainder of the film focuses on Tommy trying to evade the Millwall gang who are seeking retribution for the attack while trying to decipher the meaning behind strange dreams that have plagued him throughout the film.

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The Football Factory

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